40 years of STEP: Boosting Businesses in the Digital Age

Over the last 40 years, STEP has not only embraced technological advancements but has actively pioneered innovative solutions, propelling businesses into being successful in the digital age.

As we celebrate four decades of impact, the technological landscape has undergone a seismic shift.

In the 40 years since its inception, STEP has witnessed the remarkable evolution of the technological landscape. From the humble beginnings of basic mobile phones and the dawn of the internet to the current era dominated by tech giants like Apple, STEP has been an unwavering companion to local businesses on the journey of digital transformation.

As businesses transitioned from Nokia’s sturdy devices to sleek smartphones, and from a time without the internet to an era where connectivity is omnipresent, STEP has played a pivotal role in guiding businesses through each technological crescendo. The organisation has been instrumental in helping them adapt and thrive in an increasingly digital world.

One of the most significant changes has been the launch of the internet, breaking down geographical barriers and reshaping the way businesses operate. STEP recognised the potential early on, empowering local and rural businesses to leverage the internet for growth, transcending traditional constraints.

The past four decades have seen the rise of a generation that has never known a world without the internet. Businesses, particularly those nurtured by STEP, have seamlessly integrated a digital-first mindset, embracing the opportunities presented by constant connectivity and innovative technologies.

STEP’s commitment to technological empowerment extends beyond mere adaptation. The organisation actively shapes the future by providing businesses with tools, resources, and support to thrive in the digital age. Throughout the years this has included being at the forefront of various technological advancements, offering services like 3D printing, laser cutting, video conferencing, Teams collaboration, podcast and video editing support, and most recently delving into the realms of AI, the Metaverse and Space technology.

STEP’s Vision: Future-Ready Businesses

Looking forward, STEP remains dedicated to keeping businesses future-ready. In an era where technology evolves at an unprecedented pace, STEP stands as a beacon, guiding businesses through the complexities of the digital realm. By fostering an environment of continuous learning and technological integration, STEP ensures that the businesses it supports are not just surviving but thriving in the dynamic landscape of the digital age.



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