40 years of STEP: Empowering Employability – Fostering Jobs and Economic Growth

Over the past four decades, STEP has played a pivotal role in creating and sustaining jobs, contributing to the economic vibrancy of Stirling.

At STEP, our commitment to fostering economic growth goes hand in hand with our dedication to supporting employability in the community. As we celebrate 40 years of impact, we take pride in our collaborative efforts with organisations like Stirling Council, actively contributing to initiatives that nurture employment opportunities.

Meet Gordon Wright: Senior Learning and Employability Officer at Stirling Council

Gordon Wright, a key figure in the employability landscape, highlights the pivotal role that STEP plays in supporting his efforts. As the Senior Learning and Employability Officer at Stirling Council, Gordon oversees youth transitions and the Employer Engagement Forum within the Local Employability Partnership (LEP).

In a testimonial, Gordon expresses the indispensable support he receives from STEP, emphasising the crucial role it plays in facilitating employability programs. STEP not only provides substantial assistance through its marketing resources but also serves as a valuable bridge connecting businesses seeking support with those offering expertise.

Gordon, in turn, reciprocates this support by referring individuals exploring entrepreneurial opportunities to STEP. Whether it’s digital, marketing, or HR support, the collaborative efforts between Gordon’s team and STEP’s Business Support create a dynamic network that significantly contributes to the success of employability programs in Stirling.

The partnership between Gordon’s team and STEP’s Business Support Network underscores the significance of a united front in addressing employability challenges. By leveraging the expertise within STEP, Gordon can better navigate the diverse needs of individuals seeking employment and entrepreneurial ventures.

As we reflect on 40 years of impact, STEP remains committed to fostering employability and creating a positive economic environment in Stirling. By actively engaging with local organisations, councils, and employability forums, STEP ensures that its legacy of supporting jobs and economic growth continues to flourish.

At STEP, we extend an invitation to businesses, entrepreneurs, and organisations to join us in shaping the future of employability. By working together, we can continue to create sustainable job opportunities, empower individuals, and contribute to the prosperity of the Stirling community for decades to come.



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