40 years of STEP: Providing Insights and Innovation with TALK Magazine

For over four decades, STEP has been a trailblazer in marketing, and a shining star in its marketing constellation is the TALK magazine. This B2B publication is not just a magazine; it’s a comprehensive resource, a knowledge hub, and a testament to STEP’s commitment to supporting businesses through the power of information.

TALK isn’t just another magazine; it’s the sole B2B publication in the Fourth Valley, making it a unique and essential part of the business landscape. Published twice a year, TALK boasts a readership of around 9,000 annually, attesting to its popularity and effectiveness.

Each edition of TALK is carefully themed to provide a focused and insightful dive into crucial business support topics. From Sustainability to the recent AI-focused edition, TALK anticipates the needs and interests of the business community, delivering content that is not only informative but also relevant and timely. The Sustainability Edition explored the critical intersection of business and sustainability, aligning with global discussions like COP in Glasgow. It served as a guide for businesses seeking to introduce sustainable practices into their operations. The AI-focused edition delves into the transformative world of artificial intelligence, providing insights that position businesses on the cutting-edge.

In tune with the times, TALK has embraced digital innovation. The digital version of the magazine now features a unique talking function. This advancement enhances accessibility, allowing readers to engage with the content in new ways. Whether you’re in your car or have accessibility needs, TALK now talks, making it a dynamic and versatile companion.

As STEP celebrates its 40th anniversary, TALK stands as a testament to the organization’s dedication to providing invaluable resources for businesses. More than just a magazine, TALK is a bridge connecting businesses with the latest trends, innovations, and support mechanisms.

As TALK evolves, it remains a dynamic force in STEP’s marketing arsenal. Embracing digital capabilities and thematic excellence, TALK continues to be an indispensable tool for businesses navigating the ever-changing landscape. Here’s to 40 years of TALK, and to the countless insights and innovations it will undoubtedly bring in the years to come.



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