Work Experience at STEP

I’m Max – I’m 13 and this summer I spent a few weeks with STEP learning about working life and what they do.

Week 1 

On my first day at I was greeted by Jenn the Marketing Manager, Jamie the Front of House Coordinator and Laura, the Property Manager. 
I went on a tour around the Stirling Enterprise Park building with Jenn and Laura.

I then met with Kirsten, Property Administrator, who oversees Health and Safety. She went over the Health and Safety procedures with me for example, where to go and what to do if the fire alarm goes off. After this, I completed some Health and Safety training online and passed.  

Next, I joined Jenn and the Marketing department to help on one of their 40th birthday projects – a history wall.  

I had to find, organise, print and arrange historical press articles from STEP’s archive.  

On Tuesday I was with the HR departments. HR is one of my favourite subjects to learn. I was working with HR Advisers, Yvonne and Kirsty. I went into some meetings with Yvonne to see what it was like being in an HR meeting and I learned a lot. 

That afternoon, I was with Jamie at the Reception. I was franking the mail and setting up the rooms for venue hire and meetings.  

Wednesday I was with the Maintenance Team and spent most of the day with Peter. Maintenance is another favourite department of mine because we got to go around the building painting and take signs off of the walls. In the afternoon we went to the different sites to drop off cones in the works van. 

On Thursday I was in the lab with Colin, the IT Manager. We made name badges for new staff who were joining STEP. The machinery is very high-tech. We used the laser cutter to make the name badges. After this, we went and fixed one of the TV’s in the Theatre meeting room. The TV in this room is extremely large and has a speaker system for larger events. In the afternoon I went to Reception and we carried out some more franking and setting up the rooms for upcoming meetings.  

The next day was my last day of my first week and I revisited the  Marketing department to continue working on the history project. I had to laminate the articles that I had printed and once I laminated them I had to attach them to some grey board for display.  

Week 2 

Monday I was with the Maintenance team, testing the alarms in the morning. This is done weekly at each site.  

After lunch in the afternoon, I started writing this blog and then looking through some folders to see if any other things needed to be done for the history wall. The team are creating a video to help celebrate their 40th birthday so I helped gather a list of video creators in the area to reach out to.  

On Tuesday I spent the day with the Business Support team looking for some companies to reach out to them and help their business. I managed to find 4 companies that were new businesses.
Wednesday I was with HR for the whole day. I had to find some customised notepads to order for the whole company. I had to make a rulebook of what you aren’t and are allowed to do in a workplace. I also helped with some administration tasks and sorted out some of the files.  

On Thursday I was again with the Maintenance Team painting the walls. I then went to help at the Reception after lunch. In Reception, I prepared the rooms and filled up trollies to be ready for meetings. I also sorted out handbooks.  

On my last day,  Friday I finished my report and posted it here, on the STEP website and to social media.  I created a job description for the next person on work experience and I finished up the day by saying bye to all of the staff members and getting everyone a box of chocolate and sweets. 



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