Getting Career Ready at STEP

Hi Everyone,

I’m Devereaux and over the past month, I have had the opportunity to work at STEP through the Career Ready Programme.

STEP has a number of departments – HR, Marketing, Property, Maintenance and Business Support, so I have been able to get a real varied experience.

Most of my time has been spent working with the Business Support team, who help clients start up and grow their businesses in Stirling. But I was lucky enough to get experience with some other departments too. I had the chance to spend the day with Marketing where I learnt what they do each day and was able to help them put some posts up on social media. I also spent time with HR and learnt what responsibilities they have. I attended some meetings with Business Advisers and clients and this gave me a better understanding of what STEP does for the business community. I even had the great opportunity to go to an exhibition with the Business Support team and meet many of the local companies.

I feel like my time at STEP has been extremely worthwhile, I have got to experience lots of different real-life jobs and this will help me decide on my future career.

I would like to thank Career Ready for giving me this opportunity and all of the team at STEP for taking the time out of their busy days to spend it with me.



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