STEP Continues Legacy of Innovation by Gifting CREATE Lab Technology to Bannockburn Library and Makerspace

STEP, the pioneering business support organisation in Stirling, has taken a significant step towards nurturing technological advancement in local communities. In an effort to sustain its legacy of fostering businesses to embrace emerging technologies, STEP has generously donated equipment from its renowned CREATE Lab to the Bannockburn Library and Makerspace.

The decision to gift the technology comes as STEP embarks on a journey into new horizons, recognising the evolving landscape where many of the technologies once exclusively available through specialised training are now accessible to the broader community. Rather than allowing these assets to become obsolete, STEP is ensuring their continued utility and impact by making them available to the wider public.

The CREATE Lab, inaugurated in 2015 under the theme “The Technology Centre That’s Driving Innovation,” has been a beacon of technological empowerment for businesses across various sectors in the region. Equipped with state-of-the-art production tools including 3D printers, scanners, and laser cutters, the lab has facilitated groundbreaking innovation and product development.

Colin Clark, Director of IT and Digital at STEP, remarked, “The CREATE Lab has been instrumental in catalysing innovation and fostering a culture of technological exploration among businesses. As we venture into new realms, it’s imperative that we ensure the legacy of the lab lives on. By extending this technology to the Bannockburn Library and Makerspace, we are not only enriching local communities but also ensuring that these resources continue to drive economic growth and innovation.”

Since its inception, the CREATE Lab has garnered significant interest from businesses nationwide and beyond. Its central location in Stirling has facilitated easy access, attracting entrepreneurs and industry professionals from diverse backgrounds. From creative enterprises to manufacturing and life sciences, the lab has served as a melting pot of innovation, inspiring groundbreaking projects and collaborations.

Reflecting on the impact of the lab, Colin added, “The CREATE Lab has been a catalyst for diverse forms of creativity and innovation. From crafting prototypes to designing bespoke products, the possibilities are limitless. What’s truly exciting is witnessing the tangible outcomes of these endeavours, as entrepreneurs bring their concepts to life and showcase them to the world.”

In addition to its physical presence in Stirling, the CREATE Lab has been instrumental in extending its services to rural areas. With transportable and mobile equipment, STEP has ensured that businesses across various geographies have access to cutting-edge technology and resources. Business owners and entrepreneurs interested in utilising the facilities are encouraged to contact Matt Ferguson at Bannockburn library and Makerspace



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