STEP welcomes new HR Intern

The STEP team are delighted to welcome Aleksandra Dimitrova to the team for an internship in STEP’s HR department. Aleksandra is a second-year student at the University of Stirling and is currently studying Business Studies and Economics.

STEP decided it was a great time to create an intern opportunity within the team to support the growing quantity of work within the HR department. So, STEP approached the University of Stirling and asked them about their intern programme. After advertising with them they sent over applications for the internship.

Our HR Manager Vicky said: “We interviewed all candidates, but Aleksandra was a strong front runner.  We made the correct choice as she has settled in so well and is a solid member of the team. She has picked up what we have given her so quickly and really helped us out. She is a true asset.”

When Aleksandra first began her internship, she was working within the STEP office. However, due to changes in working-from-home guidance regarding Covid-19, she is now working from home in Bulgaria over the festive period.

It has been quite a change of pace going from working in the office in Stirling to working from home in Bulgaria but despite this big change she is still eager to keep learning in her internship and is doing a wonderful job. The team is managing to keep in regular contact through email and Teams calls to continue to support each other.

Entering a new internship and meeting a new team is a big step and can be daunting. When asked about how she felt when starting her internship, Aleksandra said:

“The HR team made me feel very confident in my internship as they have trusted me with doing independent projects and corresponding with clients at the same time. Their openness towards me has really helped me settle in my new position and feel confident completing every single task. What I appreciate most about the HR team is the trust and respect you can feel entering our office.”

Aleksandra also spoke about what she feels she has learned so far in her internship with STEP:

“I have learned that teamwork and consistency are very important. These two qualities have played a big part in this big step in my professional journey.”

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