40 Years of STEP Empowering Rural Businesses: STEP’s Partnership with Rural Business Hubs

Since 1983 STEP has been dedicated to empowering businesses across Stirling’s rural areas. In partnership with Stirling Council, over the last decade, STEP has been making a significant impact by extending its support to local businesses in the countryside through rurally based business hubs. These rural business hubs, like the Drymen Business Hub, provide a vital space, allowing businesses to access essential resources and support without the need to travel into Stirling city centre.

The Business Hubs serve as a meeting point where STEP connects with local businesses. It’s all about providing support to businesses at various stages of their journey, whether they are new, growing, or looking to take the next step. The scope of support covers a wide array of business needs, including marketing, HR support, digital assistance, finance guidance, and access to funding.

Stirling’s rural areas are home to nearly half of the region’s businesses. Recognising the unique challenges and opportunities in these areas, STEP has made it a priority to reach out and provide comprehensive support. The resources offered through STEP and its delivery of Business Gateway Stirling are invaluable for rural businesses, helping them thrive and grow.

The commitment to rural business hubs extends beyond Drymen. STEP has a team of colleagues who travel to other rural hubs across Stirlingshire, including Bannockburn, Callander, and Aberfoyle. We are looking to add more locations in the near future to ensure that businesses throughout the region have access to the support they need.



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