40 Years of STEP: STEP’s Ethos

As STEP reaches its 40th anniversary, it’s a perfect time to reflect on the core ethos that has driven the organisation from the very beginning – Business Wealth Building. This concept, often known as Community Wealth Building today, was embedded in STEP’s mission long before the term was even coined. It’s a commitment that sets STEP apart and has been a driving force behind the organisation’s growth and success.

Sourcing Locally, Impacting Globally

One of the unique aspects of STEP’s Business Wealth Building model is its dedication to local sourcing. STEP believes in supporting its community by ensuring that all supplies and services are sourced first from Stirling, and then from the wider Forth Valley, and Scotland at large. Only when a specific resource can’t be found in Scotland will STEP look further afield. This approach ensures that STEP’s economic activities have a direct and positive impact on the local and regional economy.

Youth Support and Entrepreneurship

Youth support and fostering entrepreneurship among the younger generation have always been central to STEP’s mission. STEP is proud of its initiatives in this area, and it’s an aspect of their work they talk about often. One of the cornerstones of their youth support is work experience through Career Ready. Here, they provide mentorship and guidance to students over an 18-month period, helping them with interview techniques and acting as mentors. These students also have the opportunity to experience the workplace firsthand through placements at STEP. In addition to Career Ready, STEP actively engages with local schools to offer valuable work experience opportunities. The commitment to youth development is an integral part of STEP’s broader mission.

Conclusion: 40 Years of Economic Impact

As STEP celebrates its 40th year, it’s clear that Business Wealth Building isn’t just a catchphrase; it’s a way of life. STEP’s unwavering dedication to sourcing locally and investing back into Stirling’s economy is a testament to their commitment to community and the broader region. Their support for youth development and entrepreneurship further exemplifies their mission to empower the local community. As STEP looks ahead to the next chapter, one thing is certain: their legacy of Business Wealth Building will continue to drive economic growth and community support for years to come.



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