40 Years of STEP: Empowering Business Skills with Business Support Events

Over the past four decades, STEP has been on a mission to empower local businesses by providing free business support events. With approximately 3,000 events held over 40 years, averaging around 80 events per year, STEP has become the backbone of business events in Stirling. These events have seen hundreds of thousands of attendees benefit from the knowledge and skills shared.

These events have become a vital resource for local businesses, empowering them with knowledge, skills, and insights essential for growth and success.

Recognising the time constraints faced by many SMEs, who often wear multiple hats within their businesses, STEP goes the extra mile. The events aren’t limited to Stirling city center alone; they extend to rural areas where businesses need them the most. From Calendar to Drymen and Bannockburn, STEP reaches out to SMEs in their own communities. The same events that are held in the city centre are replicated in these rural locations, ensuring a wide and diverse range of business support offerings.

For STEP, the motto is clear: “business support on your doorstep.” The goal is to make business support accessible and convenient for all, regardless of where they are located. By taking events to rural areas, STEP ensures that local businesses don’t have to travel far to gain valuable insights and skills.

At its 40th anniversary, STEP’s commitment to supporting local businesses remains as strong as ever. These free business support events have become a cornerstone of STEP’s mission. They exemplify STEP’s dedication to fostering a thriving business community, helping businesses of all sizes navigate challenges, and providing opportunities for growth.



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