Cycle to Work Day: STEP launch new cycle facilities

Today is Cycle to Work Day.

Spurred on by the pandemic, more and more people have taken to an alternative commute to work. In fact, recent data from Cycling Scotland shows a 47% rise in people cycling from 23 March 2020 to 22 March 2021 compared to the same period 2019-2020.

A tenant’s survey carried in late 2019 told us that:

  • 64% of STEP Tenants own a bike.
  • 34% of STEP Tenants live within 1 to 5 miles of their location.
  • 74% currently drive to work.
  • 48% would be more likely to cycle to work if secure parking was available.

Armed with this information and thanks to funding from Cycling Scotland, STEP is now home to two new cycle storage facilities at their Stirling Business Centre and Enterprise House locations.

Laura Melville, Property Manager at STEP said “We hope that these new secure storage facilities will offer peace of mind for tenants who commute sustainably now having a secure area to leave their bikes whilst at work. Yet this is just a start. We are determined to turn all of our locations into business spaces for the future and part of this concept is to make all of our sites fully cycle-friendly. Cycling, with all its health and environmental benefits, has an important role to play in our plan for the future of business space in Stirling.”

According to a study conducted by Aviva, the average purchase price of a bike in the last 12 months was £835, so providing a safe place to store bikes, is a must.

Sustainability and workplace wellbeing has always been a part of the ethos at STEP and this drives us to have a low carbon footprint.

Over half our buildings now have secure bike storage, but only one has shower facilities. However, our aim is to ensure all sites benefit from these facilities in the near future.



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