A STEP in history: Forthbank Carpet Works

Throwback Thursday:

One Thursday every month we are taking a look back through STEP’s archives at business successes of the past.  

This month we are looking back into the history of the beginning of our Stirling Enterprise Park site to 1934; when it was home to the Forthbank Carpet Works.

A photo of Stirling Enterprise Park in 1934 when it was known as the Forthbank Carpet Works – Do you recognise this unit?

Built in the late 1800’s Stirling Enterprise Park was initially a carpet factory known as the Forthbank Carpet Works.

The workers, mainly women, mostly lived in the Raploch and walked to work every day.

The building nearly didn’t make it through World War 2 when a German bomber dropped a landmine, just missing the factory and hitting the old King’s Park football ground.

A landmark of Stirling’s industrial past, the building still stands strong as Stirling Enterprise Park, a home to around 100 small businesses.

You can view this photo and learn more at Smith Art Gallery and Museum.

If you know any more about the Forthbank Carpet Works and its workers we love to hear from you, you can tell us their stories by contacting



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