A STEP in history: Balfron Business My Baboo Secures Store Deal

One Thursday every month we are taking a look back through STEP’s archives at business successes of the past.  

This month we’re looking back ten years ago when local business My Baboo secured their first store deal.

Earning money from doing what you love is something a lot of us aspire to. Whilst COVID has encoruaged many people to finally make the dream move of making their hobby into their work, we have been supporting people to make this happen for decades.

One such perosn is Lynne Seaton from Balfron, who in 2008 launched My Baboo, creating and selling hand-knitted products.

Lynne Said, “I went from being an architect selling multi-million-pound buildings to essentially knitting sheep so approached STEP for some advice”.

Through STEP, Lynne was able to access Scottish Government fully funded Business Gateway support to get her business off the ground and on the right track. In 2011 Lynne’s story made the news as she secured an amazing deal to supply My Baboo products to Loch Lomond Shores and House of Fraser.

Ten years on, My Baboo now focusses on online sales through their website www.baboo.co.uk, Etsy Shop and Not on the High Street.com.

If you need support making your hubby your work get in touch on step@stepscotland.co.uk.



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