A STEP in history: Moira MacPherson, Automatic Speed Control Waring System

Throwback Thursday:

One Thursday every month we are taking a look back through STEP’s archives at business successes of the past.  

This month we are looking back to 1997.

In February 1997 Moira MacPherson of Carrick Avenue Braehead, invented the Automatic Speed Control Waring System after her husband was fed up with her backseat driving and telling him to reduce his speed. She said, “The beauty of the system is that it stops the nagging wife and the back-seat driver from complaining about speed… not only will it reduce speed, it will reduce arguments.”

The Automatic Speed Control Waring System, a pocket-sized unit that fits onto your car’s dash and warns the driver if they go above the speed limits. The system was the first of its kind and in 1997 Moira held a launch event for potential investors much like today’s Dragon’s Den type demonstrations.

Clark Electronics, a STEP Tenant to this day 24 years later, supported Moira by creating a prototype unit from her drawings for this investors event.

Unfortunately, as many successful entrepreneurs and inventors will tell you, due to a lack of funding, Moira’s Automatic Speed Control Warning System never made it past the point of the prototype.

What Moira went on to do in her life, we don’t know, we would love to update this story by hearing from anyone that knows.

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