40 Years of STEP: An Employer Of Choice For Over 40 Years

As STEP commemorates its 40th anniversary, one employee, Kirsten Cameron, Property Assitant, reflects on her journey, showcasing STEP’s role as an exceptional employer that has fostered growth and balance throughout its four decades. Watch her video below.

Let’s explore the multi-faceted approach that has set STEP apart as an employer of choice, prioritising the well-being and growth of its team.

Employability Initiatives: Collaborative Growth

STEP’s commitment to employability extends beyond its own walls. By collaborating closely with Stirling Council’s Employability team, STEP actively participates in programs designed to open doors for local businesses. This collaboration provides a pathway for businesses engaging through STEP’s Business Support to access support programs, facilitating the hiring of individuals facing barriers to work.

Fair Work Framework: A Compass for Excellence

At the core of STEP’s people strategy, ‘ONE STEP’, lies a commitment to the Fair Work Framework. This framework, embodying principles of effective voice, respect, security, fulfilment, and opportunity, shapes the organisation’s approach to creating a workplace where everyone thrives.

Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion: A Diverse Tapestry

STEP’s employment policies echo its commitment to equality, diversity, and inclusion. The organisation actively seeks to attract and retain high-caliber individuals, irrespective of age, gender, race, religion, disability, nationality, or sexual orientation.

Fair and Equal Pay: Recognising Dedication

Going above and beyond, STEP ensures a commitment to paying above the Living Wage. This reflects the organization’s acknowledgment of the dedication and contribution of its staff.

Flexible Working and Contracts: Balancing Life and Work

Rejecting the notion of zero-hours contracts, STEP champions flexibility to support a healthy work/life balance. Individualised discussions on flexibility ensure that both managers and staff have a say in shaping their work environment.

Comprehensive Benefits Package: Prioritising Well-Being

STEP’s benefits package goes beyond the basics. Informed by staff feedback, it enhances offerings like Sick Pay, Family-Friendly policies, and Pension Contributions to meet the diverse needs of its workforce.

Staff Wellbeing and Occupational Health: Nurturing a Positive Environment

Recognising the importance of well-being, STEP provides a comfortable working environment with certified trainers, Mental Health First Aiders, and an Employee Assistance Program, promoting both physical and mental health.

Training and Development Opportunities: Cultivating Growth

STEP’s commitment to staff growth is evident in its policy to provide training and career development. The organisation identifies training needs through regular appraisals, ensuring continuous personal and professional development.

Open Communication Channels: Fostering Transparency

An open and transparent workplace culture is nurtured through various communication channels, including anonymous and named feedback mechanisms, surveys, team meetings, and a whistleblowing policy.

Performance Monitoring and Appraisals: Beyond Metrics

Performance at STEP is gauged not just by financial metrics but also by personal goals, career aspirations, and overall contributions to the business. Transparent appraisals, incorporating feedback mechanisms like 360 reviews and peer assessments, ensure a holistic evaluation.

Working with Subcontractors: A Local Focus

STEP extends its commitment to fair practices to subcontractors. Ensuring alignment with policies and promoting fair pay and local sourcing, STEP remains dedicated to community wealth building.

Comprehensive Insurance and Accreditations: A Commitment to Excellence

STEP safeguards its stakeholders through comprehensive insurance and holds several accreditations, reflecting its commitment to excellence in business practices.

As STEP commemorates four decades of influence, the significance goes beyond business support. It remains a symbol of fair employment practices, empowerment, and growth. Here’s to four decades of shaping careers and fostering a workplace where everyone can thrive.



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