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Well, what a year 2020 was! The good, the bad and the ugly we experienced it all.

Like everyone else, we’re so happy to see the world finally spinning again with things slowly returning to some form of normal.

You can read about our year in numbers on here.

As expected COVID hit the property market hard, but fortunately we’ve been able to support our tenants to adapt and not many have had to give up their space. If you’re thinking about whether it’s time to downsize you can read everything you need to know here.


With many businesses having staff work from home and some staff essential to be in the workplace, one of the common themes our HR team has been asked is about managing workplace resentment. Read more here


Over the last year, we’ve seen a massive jump in business trading online to survive. You can read some ecommerce tips here. 


As ever if you have suggestions for what we could do to support local businesses, get in touch with us at step@stepscotland.co.uk.


Best Wishes,
Management Team,


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