Smokey’s® Café: A Culinary Gem in Stirling

Situated at 34 Murray Place, Stirling, Smokey’s® Café, under the management of recent University of Stirling graduate Muhammad Yusuf, has breathed new life into a previously closed property that faced a three-year hiatus due to flooding.

Yusuf’s transition from academia to the food and beverage industry has given rise to a vibrant and welcoming café, attracting locals, students, and visitors alike.

The café offers a diverse menu with freshly cooked, delicious options, providing an inviting atmosphere with an open galley dining area and a live kitchen experience that connects customers with the culinary process.

Smokey’s® menu showcases a blend of American cuisine with a Peri Peri twist, featuring items such as Loaded Fries, Variety of Wraps, Angus Beef Smash Burgers, Flaming Cheetos Burgers, and Oreo Spam Burgers. The café’s sections, including a special signature wall and comfy sofas, create a perfect setting to enjoy the High Street view, conveniently located on the edge of Thistle Center.

Chef and Manager Yusuf prioritizes building lasting relationships with customers, offering a menu that evolves to cater to various tastes. Open from lunch till dinner, Smokey’s® is actively planning themed events to engage with the community.

Looking ahead, Smokey’s® plans to expand with additional outside seating for a bistro-style experience in the warmer months. The café welcomes reservations and bookings for various occasions, be it Halloween, Christmas, birthdays, or any special event, either at the venue or a location of choice.

Whether you’re a local, student, or visitor, Smokey’s® Café invites you to drop by and “Say Hello” to grab your box of happiness. Join us on this culinary journey where good food meets great company.

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