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Kian Heeps, a 17-year-old aspiring Electrician, provides a great example of how businesses can make a difference by partnering with the Stirling and Clackmannanshire Employer Engagement Forum (EEF). His journey is a testament to the potential for businesses to transform lives through collaboration with initiatives like Fair Start Employment.

Kian’s journey began when he registered with Fair Start Employment in November 2021, fully aware of the dedication required to achieve his dream. His active participation and collaboration with his advisor led to quick success as he secured a position with the FES Group. The collaboration between FES and the EEF played a crucial role in this achievement.

The dedication of businesses like FES Group, committed to programmes like ‘Fair Start,’ offers individuals like Kian the opportunity to learn and grow while contributing to significant projects. His experience as a Labourer allowed him to develop valuable skills in his chosen field.

Another example of how businesses can work with the EEF to contribute locally is demonstrated by School Experience Days, organised by the FES Group in collaboration with Skills Development Scotland, offer a compelling example of how hands-on experience can inspire and guide students towards meaningful career paths.

The FES Group recognised the importance of connecting classroom learning with the real world. Collaborating with Skills Development Scotland, they initiated School Experience Days, aimed at providing local high school students with insights into the construction industry.

These day sessions included guidance on CV writing and interview techniques, interactive Q&A sessions, and hands-on challenges within purpose-built training booths. Students gained practical skills and an understanding of the working world.

27 pupils participated, achieving an impressive 89% pass rate on end-of-session tests. Teachers and careers advisers acknowledged the value of these sessions in equipping students with skills and industry insights.

School Experience Days show the potential of bridging education and industry to inspire and guide students towards successful careers. This case study highlights the importance of providing hands-on experiences to prepare the future workforce. Businesses and educational institutions are encouraged to explore similar initiatives.


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