Shared Space Re-Imagined

In January 2019, when we launched our shared space little did we know just over a year later  our world of business space would be flipped on it’s head!

Despite the chaos that has been COVID we’ve learnt lessons from our shared space and from our business community.

We’ve  taken stock, made some changes and have reimagined what our shared space will be like in the future.

Hot Desking

Our Hot Desking area offered 8am – 5pm access to a shared desk area. Despite being popular at first we soon learnt this isn’t what you as a business community want. In addition to this, given the difficulty this area creates in a COVID world we have decided to remove our Hot Desking offer.


By far our most popular space our
Co-working space gives businesses a dedicated desk, locker, lockable drawers, free tea/coffee, free Wi-Fi and 24/7 access. To make this space  COVID safe, we have rearranged the space to ensure physical distancing requirements are met.  Our Co-working desks are rented on a rolling monthly contract and businesses become part of our STEP Tenant Community. This means they have access to all of our tenant benefits including discounted meeting space, free business support and more.

Day Space

Over the past six months we’ve seen the demand grow for businesses who want to rent a desk for the day. So we have introduced a new type of Shared Space called Day Space. With Day Space you have a allocated desk, free tea/coffee, free Wi-Fi and 8.30am—5pm access. Additionally you will have access to the use of our printer and postage centre for low cost additional charges.

The Future

If you’d have asked me about the future of Shared Space one year ago I might well have given a very difference answer, so who really knows what is to come. However at the moment the market is telling us the demand for short term, rent a desk solutions are becoming more popular. This doesn’t mean the death of the office, but rather a re-working of Office Space to a more flexible model.

For Shared Space and these flexible office offerings, I think we will see staff that now have a more blended work life using this space to support their new home life and workloads. For some this might mean working from home as well as in Shared Space giving them the ability to leave expensive cities. For others this might mean having a shorter commute or differing working hours. Instead of WFH (working from home) the new phrase will be working from anywhere (WFA).

After all is said in done, the work environment will become a mix of home working, Shared Space, as well as good employers providing the option to escape the isolation of working alone and benefit from collaborative work in an Office Space environment.   

No matter what the future looks like, here at STEP we will continue to adapt and change our environments and services to suit local businesses.

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