Scotland’s most Innovative company lands major off-grid energy centre.

The Directors are delighted to announce the award of a major off-grid energy centre for a strategically important client. As pressures grow on all organisations to adopt processes and solutions which are low or zero carbon, we are delighted to be well placed to meet this requirement and awarded this contract.

Circular Economy Solutions Limited have established important partnerships and relationships which have allowed the development of a zero-carbon portfolio which is also the lowest cost when compared to traditional solutions.

We were able to present data to support a saving to our client of up to £1m in fuel operating costs over a 10 year period, and a reduction in CO2 emissions of around 400 tonnes per annum. Our system is passive, silent, in routine operation requires no fuel and does not generate heat.

This project represents an important milestone in their development, as does the SPS Energy Recovery© heat recovery process which goes live in July. Our heat recovery process has the potential to be the most efficient in the world, perhaps around 20% higher efficiency than Ground Source. We are excited to put this into operation within the next fortnight and gather data thereafter. A UK based heat pump manufacturer was selected to support this process, and they will also assist in the interpretation of the data.

At present, Circular Economy Solutions Limited has a portfolio of innovative solutions, the headlining technologies are:

  1. Prolectric solar lighting and bollards – sole distributor in Scotland for the UK’s premier solar lighting company and products on the market, up to 5-year warranties on products, and installed since 2011 with no maintenance. Benefits are no trenching, no ducting, no cabling, zero carbon, no grid connection, no service diversions, no risk of shock, no loss of light in a power cut and of course super fast installation with around 8-10 street lights per day installed by one team.
  2. Stormwater recycling – solar-powered greywater recovery, reduces flows off-site, reduces potable water consumed, provides a valuable greywater resource for reuse.
  3. The “Power Shed© ™” Off-grid energy centre. A customised zero-carbon off-grid energy centre custom built to suit every application. With or without redundancy, with or without backup, single or hybrid energy.
  4. SPS Energy Recovery© ™ process, IP owned by SPS Energy Recovery Limited, sold and marketed by us. The future of heat recovery now.

Find out more about Circular Economy Solutions Ltd on their website or get in touch with Director Callum Scott on or call 07714 862592.



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