Circular Economy Solutions Limited, one of Scotland’s most innovative companies and based in Menstrie, have completed the installation and commissioning of their first “Power Shed© ™” low carbon off-grid energy centre for Network Rail at their Middlesbrough DU facility.

The installation is designed to replace diesel generators which would otherwise have been deployed and provides up to 30kWH of instantaneous off-grid energy for their 13 PortaKabin site set-up as well as 50kWH battery storage.

In its first week of operation, the system reduced CO2 emissions by 1.57 tonnes and reduced operational costs by £1,228.00.

Circular Economy Solutions Limited are delighted to welcome Osprey Housing in Aberdeenshire as a new client for the supply, delivery and installation of solar street lighting in Balmedie.

This previously dark and uninviting street has been transformed, the client is delighted as are the residents.

All lighting is delivered, installed and commissioned in less than two hours, no trenching, no ducting, no cabling, no power and zero carbon.

Circular Economy Solutions Limited welcome developer “Places for People” at their Longniddry development to their client family with the delivery and installation of our portable solar street lights.

The client tells them that these lights provide a vital role in illuminating areas, paths and streets which as yet have no power and would otherwise be dark and dangerous with risks from slips trips and falls in particular. 

For more information about any of Circular Economy Solutions Limited products or processes, please email or call Callum Scott on 07714 862592.

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