From managing 150 group exercise classes per week and being a personal trainer in the leisure industry, the dream of running private boutique Reformer pilates studio became true. After years of professional training in different studios, Stott Pilates and Personal Trainer Monika Michal, founded Livewire Pilates Reformer Studio in Callander with a focus on individual sessions.

In the heart of Trossachs National Park you can find an ambient Therapeutic Reformer Studio where you can nourish your flexibility, calm painful joints, manage your back and shoulder pain and improve your fitness with Pilates athletic condition approach.

Monika says, ”I am an accomplished lover of freedom of movement. I believe that time spent on a journey to create well-being, to learn mindfulness, to find flow and harmony in the body is precious and worth discovering at any age.”

Monika created Therapeutic Reformer Pilates Studio to cater for clients’ needs in the rural area. She says, “Individual sessions are extremely important to improve any movement in the body and correct posture. This can be achieved only if we understand muscular disbalance, our own limitations and movement patterns. Understanding why and how we move is the most important knowledge we can gain to embrace our confidence and longevity.” 

In Pilates, observing clients in full movement is the key. Reformer Pilates allows us to feel how we move; we can recruit weak muscles with light spring to assist the movement or with heavy spring to build much needed strength. The range of benefits vary from correct posture and core strength to flexibility, managing chronic back pain and improving neck and shoulder pain.

Living in the Trossachs National Park gives Monika great opportunity to connect with the community on a well-being level. By bringing Therapeutic Reformer Pilates into town people can improve their quality of life by understanding their body which can be very liberating and empowering.

Monika has received great feedback from customers including Nina who says, “If being in constant pain or discomfort is your “normal”, please don’t continue to suffer. I walked out of my very first session with Monika relieved of the lower back pain that had been plaguing me for many years. I was also relieved of the neck and tendon pain that had been plaguing me for a few less years, but still years. Monika was able to see almost instantly what the issue was and immediately set about showing me how to fix it with some simple exercises. I still have plenty of work to do on improving my core strength and fully activating muscles that have not been doing their job properly for many years but with Monika guiding me and keeping me on track I know I can eventually achieve full relief. Monika is warm and easy-going and I feel she really goes the extra mile as she cares about you getting better.”

Monika continues her journey to promote fitness in the community. She is pleased to see local residents with fibromyalgia and hypermobility finding therapeutic reformer pilates a great way to exercise and make positive changes to their lifestyle.

“Change happens though movement and movement heals.” – Joseph Pilates.

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