Generation Z is redefining gemstone jewellery. Not only is cut and clarity important, but the meaning behind the stone has become more valued than ever. Carnelian is the hottest gemstone that a new generation of consumers are desperate to get their hands on for its special properties.

Specialising in gemstones with meaning, luxury British Jewellery company Lily Blanche has announced that it is launching its new carnelian jewellery collection. The new collection features genuine carnelian earrings and rings and is available to purchase on its website.

Carnelian is the modern birthstone for July and is strongly associated with the Virgo star sign. Known as the sunset stone, Carnelian is believed to promote joy and happiness.

Many believe that Carnelian is a powerful gemstone for the mind, body and soul, bringing positive energy to those who wear it. Carnelian’s bright orange hues also make it a jewellery box essential this summer.

Designer Gillian Crawford explains: “Carnelian has been a popular gemstone since Roman times and its brilliant orange hues, combined with its reputation for happiness and positive energy, make it the perfect choice for summer when the world is opening up again and travel to the sun is possible. Our carnelian gemstones have been handpicked for their colour and clarity and cut to allow the light to reflect off them. Weighing around 3.5 carats each, they are set in simple sophisticated settings, designed to let the natural beauty and power of the stones shine through”.

The new collection is an expansion of the existing Luminous Gemstone Collection that Lily Blanche offers. The collection features genuine gemstones prized for their cut, colour and luminosity expertly crafted in sterling silver, 18 carat gold, rose gold and white gold vermeil. Each stone has been carefully selected for their meaning and special properties.

The new collection launched on 22nd March and is available at

View the full flip book edition here:



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