Fitness Garage comes to Stirling

Former bereavement counsellor Laurie Neil has opened her new
business Fitness Garage at Stirling Enterprise Park. Her range of fitness classes are designed for children and adults and are all about having fun while getting fit. Laurie wants to lift people’s spirits, and we’re in no doubt that her Boogie Bounce classes – a complete exercise programme on a mini trampoline, accompanied by inspiring music, will do just that. 

“I want people to have fun and have a laugh whilst exercising! I used to go to the gym but I didn’t like it very much, so I decided I wanted to offer
something different,”
Laurie told us.

“I want people to feel that whatever shape or size you are, you are
welcome here at Unit 134. People weighing up to 25 stone can use our trampolines, so come down and have a go,”
the former stay-at-home Mum continued.

Classes for children and adults: Boogie Bounce. Children’s Boogie Bounce classes are on during the Easter holidays, priced at £2.50. 

Classes for adults: Kettlercise, Burlex Fitness.

Laurie is also offering Friday Night Fever classes once a month.

For more information check out the Fitness Garage Facebook page here.



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