Empowering Parents: Job Enhancement and Creation Scheme

Job Enhancement Scheme: Elevating Parental Careers
The Job Enhancement Scheme focuses on empowering parents already in the workforce. It offers lifelong learning opportunities, including accredited training, to help parents upskill and remain competitive in their careers. Employers are encouraged to invest in their workforce, with a particular focus on career progression and wage increases for parents.

Parent Job Creation Scheme: A Lifeline for Parents Re-Entering Employment
The Parent Job Creation Scheme addresses the employment needs of parents who are not currently working. It provides funding for employers willing to create job positions specifically for parents. By funding a 25-hour-per-week role for a duration of six months, the scheme offers parents an essential pathway to regain financial independence and rebuild their careers.

Beyond job creation, the scheme provides comprehensive support, including financial advice and childcare assistance, addressing the common barriers that parents face when re-entering the workforce. This holistic approach is crucial in empowering parents to confidently reintegrate into their careers.

How to Get Involved

Whether you are a parent looking to benefit from these schemes or a business seeking support to create jobs or enhance existing positions, reaching out is simple. You can get in touch with the Employer Engagement team at employerenagagement@stirling.gov.uk to explore how these initiatives can work for you.

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