Cycle to Work Day: STEP secures funding for improved cycle facilities

The 4th of August is Cycle to Work Day.

With more people reconsidering their commute to work it’s proving more and more important that workspaces become more cycle-friendly.

In fact, a recent report from Cycling Scotland shows that more than a third of people now cycle to work, up 30% from 2017. Furthermore, there’s been an impressive 70% increase in young people cycling since 2017.

Thanks to funding from Cycling Scotland, STEP is now in the process of installing showers at their Stirling Business Centre location.

Laura Melville, Property Manager at STEP said “We are delighted to have showers installed at another one of our locations for tenants and staff to use. It brings us another step closer to our goal to make all of our sites fully cycle-friendly. Sustainability and workplace wellbeing has always been a part of our ethos and we hope the installation of showers at this premises might encourage others to consider a greener way of commuting.”

Research from the British Council for Offices found that up to 38% of British office workers would consider commuting by bike if their workplace offered better facilities.

Peter in our maintenance team, took the leap this year, sold his car, bought an electric bike and now cycles to work each day, making use of of our secure bike storage at Stirling Enterprise Park

Peter said, “Stirling Enterprise Park is only a ten minute drive for me so when I joined the company earlier in 2022, I knew it was time to take the chance to make the change from car to bike. It took me a little bit of getting used to at first, in terms of understanding the number of miles per charge, but after it was pretty easy and have found it a great way to get about and commute to work. I feel so much better already, I;m doing my part for the environment, getting fitter and not having to sit in traffic! I’ve been pretty lucky so far in terms of the weather and my mission is to make it through winter.”

STEP is proud to be a member of the Cycle to Work Scheme, where employees can pay for a bike through their monthly salary, saving 26-40% on a bike.

There are lots of environmental benefits to cycling to work, for example, reduced carbon footprint, cleaner air and reduced pollution. There are also many health and well-being benefits too such as, it’s a great way of fitting exercise into your day, improved sleep quality and cycling may also be beneficial to mental health. A Cycling UK survey of more than 11,000 people found that 91% of participants rated off-road cycling as fairly or very important for their mental health.

Over half of our buildings now have secure bike storage and two now have shower facilities. Going forward, STEP hopes to continue to implement more cycle-friendly facilities across all sites.

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