Collaborative Training with Scottish Fire and Rescue Service

STEP recently joined forces with the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service (SRFS) for a special training session. This collaboration came about after the Fire Service visited the building and realised how complex the building is and how suitable the building was for their training because of its unique layout and design.

Recognising the importance of the vital training that the Fire Service undertake, STEP gladly offered its premises for training. It wasn’t just about learning; it was also about giving back to the firefighters who keep our community safe.

During the training, firefighters practised rescue scenarios in the building, making use of its features such as long corridors, various entry points and sub-divided unit layout. STEP’s Property Team volunteered to play live casualties, making the exercise more realistic.

Laura, STEP’s Director of Property and Operations, said, “We got a real insight into all the hard work that goes into firefighting. It was inspiring, fascinating and humbling in equal measure. I feel really privileged that we were able to support the Fire Service in their vital work. I’m sure that this was the first of many training sessions we will host.”

This partnership showed how working together can benefit everyone involved, making our community safer and more prepared for emergencies. Following the exercise, White Watch debriefed in the Breakout space at STEP whilst enjoying very well-deserved coffee and cake.

Looking ahead, STEP is committed to enhancing safety even further by incorporating lessons learned from the training into their already robust processes. They look forward to continuing to support similar training exercises in the future, strengthening their collaboration with the Fire Service and further enhancing community safety.



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