One of Scotland’s most innovative companies based in Menstrie is delighted to have supplied and installed the temporary Solar Street Lighting to INEOS at two of their car parking areas. These lights were installed over two days and offer the client the following benefits:

1. Zero carbon in operation

2. No trenching, ducting or cabling

3. No grid power

4. No operational costs

5. No service diversions

6. quickest installation 

7. Lowest total cost. 

Managing Director, Callum Scott added: “This work represents an output from many months of working with INEOS staff to support the use of our products, for which we are hugely grateful. We would hope that this may pave the way for further zero and low carbon opportunities with these and  other innovative products, processes and systems.”

A “Dram” good job

Circular Economy Solutions is proud to announce another
off-grid solar light installation at the local Deanston Distillery in Doune. The team is delighted to welcome another new client.

Installed in only two hours, this light will afford safer access and egress of vehicles with: 

1. No trenching

2. No ducting

3. No cabling

4. No power connection

5. No energy used or bills

6. Zero carbon

7. No disruption to operations

It takes forward-thinking people to change how we live our lives and the world we live in. The team look forward to supporting this new client on this and other facilities with other zero or low carbon technology.

Two more projects for Network Rail in England landed.

The Circular Economy Solutions Limited team is delighted to have completed two more projects for Network Rail in England as they continue to deliver zero carbon, cost saving installations.

Five off-grid zero carbon solar lights were installed at their Rillington depot near Leeds. A micro Power Shed off-grid power system and solar light was also installed at a new Train Drivers welfare site in Saltburn.

Circular Economy Solutions Limited’s technology is zero carbon, off grid, requires no power connection, there are no bills or open costs, five year warranty and installed without cabling, trenching, ducting etc.

All systems were installed in three days from start to finish. The team is grateful to Network Rail and look forward to saving them tonnes of CO2 and thousands of pounds in the years to come on these and other projects.

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