A STEP in history: Happy 31st to STEP Meeting Space!

Throwback Thursday: One Thursday every month we are taking a look back through STEP’s archives at business successes of the past.  

This month we are celebrating the 31st birthday of our meeting space!

Over the last 31 years, our meeting space has been through a lot. In fact, there have been approx 6,200 meetings at Stirling Enterprise Park over the last 31 years with 3,000 taking place over the last decade. In addition, there have been 2,500 workshops and training sessions.  

When the space was first opened in August 1990 it boasted four meeting rooms with a capacity for 12 to 60 delegates. At the time Stirling Enterprise Park was home to 68 businesses employing circa 200 staff who needed the appropriate space to host meetings, conferences, exhibitions and training courses.

The rooms were kitted out with the latest technology. At the time this consisted of an overhead projector and screen. Ten years later, in the millennium, SME’s were finding their business growth restricted, due to a lack of IT and digital skills, so one of the meeting rooms was converted and opened as a training centre dedicated to increasing digital business skills. Named the STEP Business Education Centre IT suite, the space was used to train in all things IT and digital, from getting to know your hardware, to software skills and advanced techniques.

In 2016 Business Gateway launched DigitalBoost to support businesses looking to improve their digital knowledge. This replaced STEP’s need for the Business Education Centre IT suites and all digital training is now offered through the DigitalBoost programme, which STEP delivers for Forth Valley.

Today Stirling Enterprise Park is now home to 100 businesses employing circa 400 staff. We now have six meeting spaces, freshly renovated in 2019. Each is flexible in its layout and can hold from two to 80 delegates. Technology has moved on dramatically and all meeting spaces are equipped with smart screens that can wirelessly connect to a laptop to display presentations. Spaces are also equipped with video conferencing meaning people can attend meetings from anywhere in the world seamlessly.

Last year COVID put the demand for our meeting space lower than we had ever experienced. To allow tenants to adapt their services and deliver internal training, meetings, virtual meetings or essential external meetings we adapted each space to meet physical distancing requirements and offered access to tenants at a further discounted rate.

In order to make sure that essential meetings like First Aid training could continue, we rearranged rooms to meet distancing measures and introduced several safety procedures to ensure clients remained safe.

Since restrictions have been lifted we have been delighted to see the return of face to face meetings just in time for our meeting spaces birthday!  

Here’s some photos of the spaces from then and now:



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