A STEP in history: Entrepreneurs share their experiences at STEP

Throwback Thursday:

One Thursday every month we are taking a look back through STEP’s archives at business successes and stories of the past.

This month we are taking a look back to 2003 when Stirling entrepreneurs visited STEP to share their experiences with others.

Local businesspeople had the opportunity to hear from entrepreneurs from across Stirling and also to network with others. This allowed people who were in the process of starting their own business to learn from other entrepreneurs who most likely experienced the same difficulties, obstacles and perhaps had similar questions and concerns when they were starting out.

STEP’s Business Gateway advisor said: “Group meetings like this provide these budding businessmen and women with an excellent opportunity to share their successes, difficulties and concerns with others in a similar position. The realities of starting a business in today’s competitive marketplace are often far from expected and networking support is just as important for these people as technical or financial support. The real success of such days lies in the business people sharing their experiences.”

There is a lot to learn and navigate when starting your own business from writing a business plan, sourcing funding, locating premises and more. Are you looking for advice about starting your own business? STEP’s business support team can help.

Click here to find out about the services offered by Business Gateway Stirling.

You can also contact the Business Gateway Stirling team on 01786 498 643.



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