A Snapshot of Stirling’s 2023 Startups

In the dynamic landscape of 2023, many new businesses began their journeys in Stirling, seeking help and making their mark in different industries.

Let’s take a closer look at some of these startups and who they are:

50 Shades Hair and Beauty Stirling – Multicultural Hair Salon
Offering a unique blend of hair and beauty services catering to diverse styles and cultures.

A&T Business Consulting Ltd – Business Consultancy
Providing expert advice and solutions to businesses, contributing to their growth and success.

Alba Gardens – Gardening and Tree Felling
Bringing expertise in gardening and tree services to enhance outdoor spaces.

Alfie & Co – Coffee Co and Cafe in Drymen
Creating a cozy space in Drymen for coffee enthusiasts to enjoy quality brews.

Amy Taylor – Marketing, Digital, and Brand Skills for SMEs
Offering essential skills to small and medium enterprises for effective marketing and brand development.

Back of Beyond Designs – Distinctive Botanical Jewellery
Handcrafting unique botanical jewellery, adding a touch of nature to personal adornments.

Barefoot Eco Cafe Buchlyvie – Cafe, Restaurant, Gifts
A hub for delicious meals, a charming cafe atmosphere, and unique gift items.

Barry McLean Stonemason – Stone Mason
Showcasing expertise in the timeless craft of stonemasonry, contributing to architectural beauty.

Bawbee – Music & Cocktail Bar
Creating a welcoming space for socialising, offering a diverse range of beverages.

Beautiful Hands By Jennie – Nail Tech
Bringing creativity and precision to nail care, providing clients with beautiful hands.

Beauty by Erin – Beauty Therapies
Offering a range of beauty therapies to enhance well-being and relaxation.

Beauty Jam – Beauty Salon
A salon dedicated to providing top-notch beauty services, staying on trend with the latest techniques.

Blossom Therapeutics – Complimentary Therapies
Specialising in various complementary therapies for holistic well-being.

Bond Handyman Services– Handyman/Multi-Trades
Offering versatile handyman services, addressing a range of home improvement needs.

Boogie Beat Stirling – Children’s Music and Movements Workshops Franchise
Engaging children in creative expression through music and movement workshops.

C&E Catering – Catering and Events at Dunblane Golf Club
Providing catering services for events, with a focus on excellence and attention to detail.

Callan Creatives – Piano Teacher
Nurturing musical talents through piano lessons and creative music education.

Central Coaching and Therapy – Various Coaching Services
Offering a range of coaching services to support personal and professional development.

Central Headstone Restorations – Monumental Gravestone Cleaning
Preserving the historical and sentimental value of gravestones through expert cleaning.

Children’s Entertainer of Stirling – Kids Parties & Entertaining
Bringing joy to children through entertaining parties and events.

Chrisanna Jewellery – Jewellery
Showcasing unique and handcrafted jewellery pieces for all occasions.

CKR Plumbing and Heating Ltd – Plumbing & Heating Engineer
Providing essential services in plumbing and heating for residential and commercial clients.

CLR (Scot) Ltd – Reinstatement for Utility Companies and Domestic
Specialising in ashphalt relaying for utility companies and domestic projects.

Cobleland Campsite – Caravan and Campsite
Offering a picturesque setting for camping and caravan enthusiasts.

Collymoon Craft – Craft Gin Distillery
Infusing creativity into the world of spirits with handcrafted gin.

Conic Crafts – Craft Shop
A haven for craft enthusiasts, offering a diverse range of materials and supplies.

Copland Contracts – Property Maintenance Service
Providing reliable property maintenance services for residential and commercial properties.

Corran Mortgage Solutions – Mortgage Broker
Assisting clients in finding the right mortgage solutions tailored to their needs.

Creating Calm Therapies – Therapist
Offering therapeutic services to promote calmness and well-being.

Crianlarich Benmore Ltd / Benmore Lodge – Bar/Restaurant/CabinsA lodge with a bar, restaurant, and cabins, providing a tranquil retreat.

C-Vision Ltd – Renewable Energy Consultancy
Pioneering renewable energy solutions through consultancy, design, and installation.

D Bryce & Sons – Farming – Growing of Grain Crops and Livestock
Combining farming with holiday letting, offering a unique rural experience.

Dawn McBrearty Hairdressing – Hairdresser
Crafting hairstyles that reflect individuality and style.

Denholm’s Elite Meat – Bespoke Butchery Service
Providing high-quality, bespoke butchery services to meat enthusiasts.

Dicks Tattoo Parlour – Tattoo Artist
Creating unique and personalised tattoo artistry for clients.

Direct Business Essentials Ltd – Social Media Management to Data Capturing
Offering essential business services from social media management to data capturing.

DM Barbers – Barbers Shop in Plean
Delivering modern and classic barbering services in a welcoming atmosphere.

Dojo Kamiza Ltd – Payment Consultant – Card Terminals
Facilitating secure and efficient payment solutions through card terminals.

DP Medical – Storage and Testing of Medical Equipment
Ensuring the integrity and functionality of medical equipment through storage and testing.

Drewfix – Construction
Contributing to construction projects with quality workmanship and expertise.

Dunblane Complementary Therapies – Complementary Therapist
Providing holistic therapies for physical and mental well-being.

Dunblane Nails – Nail Salon
Offering nail services for a touch of glamour and self-care.

DVA Dogs – Pet Services
Catering to the needs of furry friends with various pet services.

Every Last Spot – Cleaning Business
Ensuring spaces are pristine through a dedicated and thorough cleaning business.

Federica La Marca – Video Editing Services
Providing video editing services for clients globally, with a focus on quality and creativity.

Feel Circle Safe – Nearest Hospital App
Enhancing community safety with an app directing users to the nearest hospital.

First Mortgage – Mortgage Advisor
Guiding clients through the mortgage process, offering expert advice and solutions.

Flore Okori – Food Manufacturer
Contributing to the food industry with quality manufacturing and culinary expertise.

Freedom Subaqua Club CIC – Community-Led Swimming and Diving Organisation
Fostering a love for swimming and diving through community-led initiatives.

Fundraising Solutions Scotland – Fundraising Advice for Social Enterprises
Guiding social enterprises in effective fundraising strategies for their impactful initiatives.

Gemma Thomson Fitness – Personal Fitness Instruction
Empowering individuals through personalised fitness instruction and wellness guidance.

Gloria’s Cafe – Café
Serving delightful culinary experiences in a warm and inviting cafe setting.

Golden Tree Estates – Estate Agency
Assisting clients in finding their dream homes and investment properties.

Graze In – Outside Catering
Bringing culinary delights to events with a focus on quality and presentation.

Havn Bakery – Bakery
Creating scrumptious baked goods with a commitment to quality and freshness.

Helping Hands At Home – Elderly Care Packages
Providing compassionate care packages for the elderly in the comfort of their homes.

Hephaestus Ltd – Luxury Drinks Packaging
Elevating the presentation of beverages with luxurious and innovative packaging solutions.

High Guard Training Solutions – Training Provider for Security, First Aid, etc.
Ensuring professionals are well-equipped with the necessary skills in security and first aid.

Hybrid Scotland LTD – Recruitment Agency
Bridging the gap between employers and talented individuals through strategic recruitment.

Ian Burton Antiques – Online Antique Retailer
Curating a collection of antique treasures available for online purchase.

Ian Mackie Paint & Decor – Painter and Decorator
Transforming spaces with precision and creativity through expert painting and decorating.

Indalo Partners – Consultant
Providing strategic consultancy services to businesses seeking innovative solutions.

Innovate Create – Children’s Art Workshops
Nurturing creativity in children through engaging and educational art workshops.

Instyle Tiling – Tiler
Adding a touch of elegance to spaces through expert tiling services.

James McGhie Data Consultant – Data Consultant
Offering expert insights and solutions in the realm of data consultancy.

KRasunya Ukrainian Beauty Salon – Beauty Salon
Bringing Ukrainian beauty traditions to Stirling with a range of salon services.

Krisfit – Personal Trainer
Tailoring fitness routines to individuals’ needs for a healthier lifestyle.

LDA Plumbheat Solutions – Plumbing Engineer
Providing expert plumbing solutions for both residential and commercial properties.

LEDI Renewables Limited – Renewable Heating Consultancy, Design & Installation
Leading the way in renewable heating solutions for both commercial and domestic markets.

Lillyrose Balloons – Bespoke Balloons for All Occasions
Creating bespoke balloon arrangements to add a touch of magic to any celebration.

Lomond Kitchens – Kitchen Design and Manufacturer
Crafting functional and aesthetically pleasing kitchens tailored to clients’ needs.

Loved Care Limited – Home Care Services
Providing compassionate and personalised home care services for individuals in need.

Lullas Grooming – Dog Groomers
Pampering furry friends with top-notch grooming services for a happy and healthy pet.

LVM Makeup & Beauty – Beauty Services
Offering a range of beauty services to enhance the well-being and confidence of clients.

Mackay Trading – Sole Trader Incorporating Mackay Tutoring, Mykin.Scot, Dèanamh Arts
Providing tutoring services, Scottish genealogy research, and Gaelic-inspired gifts.

Maisie’s Munchies – Café
Serving delicious bites and beverages in a cozy cafe atmosphere.

Mary Jane Bakes – Home-Based Baking and Catering Business
Creating delectable homemade treats and catering for special occasions.

Ma’s Kitchen Stirling – Feeding Children in Need Over the Weekend
Dedicated to supporting children in need by providing meals over the weekends.

McGuire Podiatry – Podiatry – Foot Care Specialists
Ensuring optimal foot health with specialised podiatry and foot care services.

Medkal Health – Clinical Data Analysis
Providing valuable insights through the analysis of clinical data for informed healthcare decisions.

N R Earnshaw Consulting Ltd – Consultancy
Offering consultancy services across various domains to support business growth.

Naomi Turner – Dog Walking Business
Ensuring furry friends get their daily exercise and companionship through professional dog walking.

Nayland Smith Salon – Hair Salon
Creating stunning hair transformations and styling services for clients.

Norrieston Nook – Pop-Up Coffee Shop
Bringing the joy of coffee to various locations through a pop-up coffee shop experience.

Nurturing Flows – Baby Classes
Supporting parents and babies with enriching and nurturing baby classes.

Oak Aye Woodcraft – Crafting of Wooden Items and Erection of Wooden Structures
Showcasing craftsmanship in the creation of wooden items and structures.

Orinoko Ltd – Fashion Retail
Curating a fashionable presence on Amazon with a range of stylish clothing.

Outpost Stirling – Rural Apparel Showroom & Retail Pop-Up
Showcasing rural-inspired apparel in a dedicated showroom and retail pop-up.

Peony Blush Beauty and Gifts – Retail Shop with Gifts and Beauty/Nails/Massage Services
Offering a delightful shopping experience with additional beauty, nails, and massage services.

Park Green Psychology – Psychology Private Practice
Offering professional psychology services to support mental well-being.

PH Joinery Ltd – Joinery
Providing high-quality joinery services for construction and renovation projects.

Quality Commercial Cleaning – Cleaning Company
Ensuring cleanliness and hygiene through professional commercial cleaning services.

Radiant Hospitality Cleaners – Cleaning Services for the Hospitality Sector
Meeting the cleaning needs of the hospitality sector with efficiency and reliability.

Regenesis – Medical Aesthetics and Wellbeing
Promoting aesthetics and overall well-being through a range of services.

Rosa Huczynska Horticulture – Specialist Gardening Services
Providing expertise in horticulture for beautiful and thriving outdoor spaces.

Sarah’s Floral Designs – Floral Arrangements
Creating stunning floral arrangements for various occasions and events.

Security Specialists Ltd – Fire and Security Installers
Ensuring safety and security through professional fire and security installations.

Sev’s Beauty Bar – Nails, Tanning & Beauty Therapies
Offering a range of beauty services, including nails, tanning, and various beauty therapies.

Scotts Bistro – Restaurant
Serving both time-share residents and the public, contributing to the local culinary scene.

Shammells Bricks – Online Lego Trader
Catering to Lego enthusiasts with an online platform for buying and trading Lego sets.

Simply Hearing Consultants Ltd – Hearing Clinic
Providing comprehensive hearing care services for individuals seeking professional solutions.

Simply Tailored Connections Ltd – Business Services
Offering tailored business services to meet the diverse needs of clients.

Site Rise Agency –  Support Services
Supporting businesses with essential services to enhance their online presence.

Smokey’s @ 17 – Burger Restaurant
Serving mouth-watering burgers and delightful meals in a welcoming restaurant setting.

Smokey’s Stirling – Cafe Restaurant
Providing a unique cafe restaurant experience with distinct offerings from the Falkirk location.

Specialist Connect Ltd – Medical
Connecting specialists to facilitate medical services and support in various healthcare domains.

Steelfab Services Ltd – Metal Fabrication/Installation
Specialising in metal fabrication and installation services for diverse applications.

Stirling Bike Surgery – Cycle Repair
Offering expert bicycle repair services to keep the community cycling smoothly.

Stirling Cycles Limited – Sale, Repair, and Service of Bicycles and Cycling Accessories
Catering to the cycling community with a one-stop shop for all bicycle-related needs.

Stirling Repair Shop – Appliance Repair Shop
Providing reliable and efficient appliance repair services to keep households running smoothly.

Studio 22 – Studio Offering Nails, Brows Hair Extensions
Creating stunning looks with services ranging from nails and brows to hair extensions.

Talk N Stroll – Tour Guide
Offering informative and enjoyable tours to explore the rich history and beauty of Stirling.

Tarways Ltd – Construction of Roads and Motorways
Contributing to infrastructure development through the construction of roads and motorways.

Tatties & Tipples – Event Catering Company
Adding culinary delights to events with a catering service that ensures memorable experiences.

TG Fit Lift Studios – Health and Wellbeing
Promoting health and wellbeing through fitness training and uplifting studio experiences.

The Bean Tin – Coffee Shop
Creating a cosy and inviting space for coffee enthusiasts to savour quality brews.

The Home Care Network Ltd – Home Care
Offering professional home care services to support individuals in the comfort of their homes.

The Inn at LTD – Local Pub/Restaurant
Providing a local hub for community gatherings with a pub and restaurant atmosphere.

The Sweet Pit – Sweet Store
Satisfying sweet cravings with a delightful selection of confectionery and treats.

The Washing Well – Commercial and Domestic Laundry Cleaning and Ironing Services
Ensuring crisp and clean laundry through reliable commercial and domestic services.

The Wee Wolf Bistro – Cafe – Bistro
Creating a charming bistro atmosphere with a menu that caters to diverse tastes.

The Weir Clinic Ltd – Sports Injury Rehab and Podiatry
Providing therapeutic services to promote mental and emotional well-being.

The Wellness Studio – Holistic Treatments
Offering holistic treatments to enhance the overall well-being of clients.

Tooth and Paw – Dog Groomer and Dog Teeth Cleaning
Ensuring pets look and feel their best with professional grooming and dental care.

Trossachs Wildlife Viewing Limited – Tourism
Offering wildlife viewing experiences to showcase the natural beauty of the Trossachs.

Twizzler Ltd – Blockchain Software Development
Specialising in blockchain software development to meet evolving technological needs.

UBWIS Club – Business Support for Ukrainian Women in Scotland
Providing essential business support to Ukrainian women entrepreneurs in Scotland.

Upper Station House – Short Term Letting Accommodation
Offering comfortable and convenient short-term accommodation options.

Upward Creations – Business Branded Clothing
Creating a distinctive identity with business-branded clothing and apparel.

Vehicle Scotland Ltd – Sourcing Vehicles for the Stage/Screen Industry
Facilitating the entertainment industry with sourcing vehicles for stage and screen productions.

Wendy Scott Author – Self-Published Author – Paperback Books
Showcasing literary talent through self-published paperback books by Wendy Scott.

Winter Warmers – Second-Hand Goods
Offering a variety of second-hand goods to add warmth and character to homes.

Exploring creativity in various forms to bring unique and exceptional ideas to life.

Your Property Matters (Scotland) Ltd – Property
Providing comprehensive property services to meet the diverse needs of clients.

Your Research and Development Advisory Board Limited – Financial Services
Offering expert advisory services in research and development for financial institutions.

Zare Marketing – Marketing
Providing strategic marketing solutions to enhance brand visibility and reach.

The entrepreneurial ethos is alive in Stirling, with each startup adding its unique touch to the local business landscape. From cafes and beauty salons to construction and renewable energy ventures, these enterprises collectively shape the economic and cultural identity of Stirling in 2023.

This article offers a sneak peek into some noteworthy startups making waves in 2023. If your business began in 2023 and you’d like to be included, let us know at marketing@stepscotland.co.uk.

If this inspires you to kickstart your own business in 2024, our team of Business Gateway advisers is ready to provide support. Reach out at step@stepscotland.co.uk.



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