Welcome to TALK 16

Welcome to Issue 16 of TALK.

Throughout the year of 2021 lots of businesses were able to pick themselves back up after a difficult year and many people returned to the office. We were able to have face to face meetings and work with each other in person again.

Perhaps during the past year you have started up a business and are now looking to find the perfect business space for you to work and meet clients in a space of your own. You can read our advice on renting your first business property on page 4.

The impact of Covid has been difficult for everyone, so supporting mental health in the workplace is more important than ever. You can read our advice on how to do this on page 6.

When you are running your own business  you are juggling a lot of plates  and are rarely off the clock. However, it is important to look after yourself and take the time needed to improve your wellness. You can read some tips on how to do this on page 8.

If you have suggestions for what we can do to support local businesses, get in touch with us at step@stepscotland.co.uk.

Best wishes,

Management Team,


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