Upholstery Craft Training Centre

With over 40 years’ experience in upholstery James Keane has worked in various upholstery and designer workshops in Edinburgh, London and has restored some of Britain’s most historic furniture including within Holyrood House and Balmoral. To be close to a growing family and with a view to semi-retirement he decided to move to Stirling a few years back. Deciding to pass on his knowledge to ensure the trade isn’t lost, James established the Upholstery Craft Training Centre.

Industry: Training

Location(s): Stirling Enterprise Park

No. of Employees: 1-10

Upholstery Craft Training Centre | STEP Tenant | Business Premises | Unit
Offering training in Upholstery, Curtain and Blind making the centre provides courses from absolute beginners to AMUSF accredited upholstery diplomas and courses for training tutors.

James became a STEP tenant in 2009. With the company and team growing year on year, The Upholstery Craft Training Centre has now expanded after being housed over 4 units they now have a large office space, kitchen, meeting room, reception and training area with external access. James and his team plan on continuing to deliver first-class courses and workshops in upholstery, passing their skills on to others and growing year on year. In 2018 the team also introduced masterclasses taught by French Masters.
STEP has been fantastic for us. We’ve had at least half a dozen units within the building and this is our biggest venture to date. Laura form Property, can’t do enough for you, always has a smile on her face, every time I have a problem, It’s no problem at all. The maintenance team are always looking after us and will do anything to help.
James Keane,
Director, The Upholstery Craft Training Centre