TOP 5 MARKETING TIPS – From Paul Saunders

Paul Saunders is a marketing consultant based in Drymen, working in Stirling, Falkirk, Loch Lomond, and throughout Scotland. Paul specialises in creating digital content, including websites, video and photography and helps many businesses to grow through strategy and support.

We asked him to share five marketing tips inspired by working with hundreds of small and medium-sized businesses over the last decade. So here they are with Paul’s reasons for choosing them.

1) Don’t Undersell What You Do

For some reason, businesses sometimes hold back from promoting their best assets. Ensure you provide compelling reasons as to why customers should use your products or services. Be creative and use good photography and video to promote the key and unique benefits that you offer.

2) Keep Your Website Up to Date

Be honest, does your website truly reflect and properly present everything that you offer? Your website is your shop window; make sure that it accurately represents what you do and is set up to convert traffic into enquiries or orders. Keeping it up to date can also help increase your search ranking performance.

3) Learn from bad reviews, but don’t be derailed

Sometimes one bad review can upset and annoy a business; that’s understandable but take a breath. Is there anything that you can learn from it to prevent another similar review? Is there a chance to reach out to the customer and resolve it? Beyond that, put it into perspective if 99% of your reviews are good to excellent, don’t be too upset with the odd bad one; it happens.

4) Quickly identify changes in your customer needs

It is logical for business products and services to change over time. Be sure to listen very carefully to your customers. What are they asking for? What are the latest trends? Has your market changed due to technology or competition? Make sure you are focused on understanding what your customers are looking for and pivot your business accordingly.

5) Have a vision and plan to keep you focused

How is your business doing? Answering that question can be tricky for some business owners, as they aren’t working on a plan and tracking key measurements to see how they are performing. However, a clear vision, supported by a business plan with targets, allows you to benchmark your business, so you always know exactly how well it is performing.

Contact Paul Saunders to help grow your business with strategic advice and support and video, photography and websites to ensure you stand out online.

01360 661029

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