Thinking About An App For Your Business? Think PWA.

Something Perfect Penny Marketing (PPM) had been thinking about for a while and a service we wanted to add to our forever growing marketing armoury was Apps.

When deciding on what platform/program to use, we chose Progressive Web Apps (PWA) system via Beezer because they are definitely the future.


A PWA is an app built on website technology (including HTML, CSS and JavaScript) and is compatible over pretty much every platform. It is secure, linkable, capable, adaptable and can be used offline or with a bad connection to the internet. You don’t need to upload it to the two big App stores, you can send the link direct to your client/customers and they can download straight to their phone. So easy, so simple and so affordable.

Who uses PWA?

Some big-name businesses who use PWA’s include Tinder, BMW and Trivago.


If you are a hairdresser, barber, personal trainer, café, restaurant or pub then you need to track everyone who uses your services and comes into your establishment. PPM has the ability to add in a booking system to the App so you can track your customers for the purposes of COVID tracking but also an opportunity to ask them to subscribe to marketing messages.

PPM has negotiated a fantastic deal with the booking system Appointedd for our customers using the PWA. 


Usually a standard bespoke app for businesses can cost between £10,000 and £40,000!

Crazy money for an app that can be built in a PWA platform for you for much less, in the hundreds rather than thousands.

For more details and costs on PPM Apps visit our website:

View the full flip book edition here:



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