Digital billboards are becoming more popular and are a great way to promote products, services and goods to a wide audience. STEP, Stirling’s experts in Business Support, is delighted to now have it’s own digital billboard which is located at the entrance of Stirling Enterprise Park, facing the busy Players Road.

As part of STEP’s COVID-19 business recovery plan and to celebrate the launch of the board, the company offered all of their tenants across five sites and their Stirling based HR clients the opportunity to advertise for free for six months on a first come first serve basis.

This has equated to £20,961 worth of free advertising over the course of the past six months, giving businesses a much-needed marketing boost.

Laura Melville, STEP’s Property Manager said “We’ve received great feedback from tenants who chose to advertise, and we’re delighted we can support the local business community in this way. We invest 100% of our profits into activity designed to boost the economy which means we are able to uniquely offer our tenants a number of business support options including help promoting their business.”

STEP’s business support products are created and delivered out of demand from local businesses and consequently, we decided to invest in a digital billboard, when businesses fedback that current outdoor advertising wasn’t readily available and/or too expensive. The billboard is therefore only available to Stirling based businesses and is priced for SME’s.

The company is continuing to support it’s tenants and clients by offering 20% off the standard rate, but are delighted to now offer advertising space to any Stirling based SME.

Jenn McArthur, STEPs Marketing Manager said “Outdoor advertising is a great addition to any marketing strategy as it can give a brand the opportunity to reach footfall they otherwise wouldn’t with a powerful message. Digital options give amazing flexibility but are so often monopolised by national and global brands bought through media agencies, so I’m thrilled the smaller local businesses we work with everyday will have access to such advertising.”

Benefits of advertising on the company’s digital billboard:

Advert Design

Need help creating your advert? No problem, STEP’s in-house staff can help create an advert to suit your brand at no additional charge.


The system is managed locally and can be updated quickly to allow flexibility. This means for instance if you have a seasonal promotion and need to change the advert this can be done instantly.

24 Adverts every 24 hours

Businesses are not allowed to monopolise peak times. You will choose which minute slot you want and your advert will be shown every hour.

For Stirling SME’s only

Only businesses based in Stirling city and rural Stirling will be permitted to advertise on the board, giving Stirling based SME’s the opportunity to compete with larger businesses for a greater share of the local market at a reduced cost.

If you are interested in advertising on our digital billboard or would like more information, contact

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