Whether you would like to develop and retain talented staff or recruit motivated new talent, the University of Stirling’s fully funded Graduate Apprenticeship in Data Science can help.

Graduate Apprenticeships are funded by Scottish Government and deliver upskilling in priority areas.

The University of Stirling offers the Graduate Apprenticeship in Data Science – a programme for employees living in Scotland which is delivered online, one day per week and blends academic and work based learning to rapidly skill people in data science.

This programme supports the development and embedding of a range of data skills including data analysis, Python scripting, machine learning, artificial intelligence and statistics.

Apprentices are introduced to database technologies and learn cutting edge technology such as computer vision and natural language processing.

Programme benefits:

· Online delivery to be compatible with workplaces across Scotland.

· Contextualised learning – apprentices address the challenges faced at their own organisations.

· Fully funded – no tuition fees to the apprentice, or the business.

· Open to all sectors and industries.

· A cost-effective route to harness the power of your data.

University of Stirling Graduate Apprentices study online for a BSc in Data Science while working as a valuable employee and making a growing contribution as their skills increase.

Find out how your organisation can use Graduate Apprenticeships to develop new and existing staff by joining Dr Mario Kolberg for a chat about the Graduate Apprenticeship in Data Science on June 8th 2022.

Details and registration can be found here:

View the full flip book edition here:



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