“It’s life Jim but not as we know it….”

Although Mr. Spock never actually said this on Star Trek, but rather it featured in a parody song, “Star Trekkin” by the Firm, it still resonates in the mind whenever something changes and we are not ready to accept it.

It could be VAR in football or Alexa in the home, which-ever way you look it’s all different.

Looking back at Star Trek we can see just how many devices are, only now, coming into use. And yet, where were the Starship Enterprise’s accountants?

It pains me to say it but, would they actually need any? Or have the intelligent lifeforms who developed the Communicator, the Tractor Beam and Tablet Computers also replaced the accountant? Or were they all given red shirts and sent to the transporter!!!

We all have to adapt to survive!

All businesses have to change and adapt to new markets, customer demands and technology. It’s a constant process. It is no different with regard to a professional services business.

At French Duncan we focus on what our clients need to maximise their business potential.

Technology changes HOW we do stuff, but not WHY we do it! Business owners need reliable data. They always have. However as the rate of change gathers pace, they deserve it in real time and they need it in a format that quickly highlights the key issues and allows them to assess what the next step should be.

Cloud based systems provide the flexibility in reporting, which dynamic businesses need. At French Duncan we’ve put this at the core of our advisory services.

Whatever the issue (here are a few examples):

  • VAT issues on International trade from Brexit
  • HR structure to attract and retain talent
  • IT issues in future-proofing the business
  • Acquisition or sale?
  • Succession issues
  • Tax planning

French Duncan has the expertise to help our clients flourish in a changing environment.

Let us work with you to get the data you need and then help you use it to maximise your business potential.

Now about those Klingons on the starboard bow….

Get in touch – 

Greg Callan 01786 451745  |  g.callan@frenchduncan.co.uk

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