Is your organisation ready for today’s data-driven world?

Data has become an invaluable asset.

Today’s businesses often find themselves data rich but information poor. Organisations generate data on a daily basis that could be collated, analysed and interpreted more effectively. Businesses facing challenges related to the handling and collecting of their data should consider including data scientists in their workforce.

For organisations willing to tackle this issue and help retain talented staff, Graduate Apprenticeships in Data Science might be the right solution.

Data Scientists working on these issues could give their organisations a competitive advantage in their respective markets.

By upskilling an existing workforce or hiring new employees in the area of data science, organisations will be able to harness the power of their data contributing to growth and future viability.

Harnessing data helps organisations to:

  • Track customer sales and improve customer service.
  • Enhance productivity and efficiency.
  • Deliver business knowledge through trend or pattern analysis.
  • Enable operational insights to ensure effective resource management or understand customers’ motivations.

Graduate Apprenticeships have been designed to meet employers’ needs and are proven to benefit businesses through staff skills development, which enable staff to become more effective in their workplace and increase productivity. Other benefits include:

  • New skills to help address your business challenges.
  • Fees are funded by Skills Development Scotland.
  • Employees split their time between work and Stirling – applying acquired knowledge immediately to a company’s tasks.
  • Employers can retain talented staff by supporting their development through this programme.
  • Apprenticeships in Scotland help companies to develop their employees and contribute to their growth.

At the University of Stirling, we are experts in data science and are members of The Data Lab, an Innovation Centre that aims to develop the data science talent and skills required by industry in Scotland. We also have close links with the Scottish Informatics and Computing Science Alliance (SICSA), and with Scottish industry through our Industrial Advisory Board (IAB) – with members from both Scottish and international companies.

Entering into a partnership with us through the Graduate Apprenticeship will provide the opportunity to build contacts with academic experts which will help future proof your business around data science requirements.

To find out more contact:
Dr Mario Kolberg


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