Haines Watts: Interview with Graeme Jack, Manager of the newly opened Stirling office

Q1 – Tell us about Haines Watts

First and foremost, we are an award-winning team of Accountants and Business Advisors, who seek to add real value to our clients by our innovative and proactive approach. Our clients are typically owner managers of businesses, who want an accountant they can rely on, to give sound business advice and support. With over fifty offices across the UK and three in Scotland, we believe in leading with purpose – our clients know we have their back. Our team is hired and driven by our three core values: “Be Authentic, Value Relationships and Show Passion”.

Each Haines Watts business within the group operates independently of the others, which means we are more closely aligned to the needs of our clients and can adapt to suit the local market.

Haines Watts Scotland operates out of three offices, namely Kirkcaldy, Edinburgh and Stirling. The firm in Scotland is entirely led by its local entrepreneurial partners, which allows us to truly understand the local marketplace and deliver exceptional client service across our client base.

Q2 – What will Haines Watts bring to Stirling?

We are proud of the Haines Watts motto “Local Matters, National Strength” and believe our unique structure enables us to deliver the personal service you would expect of a local independent firm with the added expertise that comes from national support.

Located at Wallace House in Stirling, we have a team of highly trained finance professionals who pride themselves on building relationships with our clients, becoming an integral part of their business. Our Stirling clients can expect a highly personalized service, focused on their needs and expectations. Being part of the Haines Watts group enables us to offer our clients access to a wide range of specialist services most other accountancy firms in the area are unable to provide, in addition to all of the traditional compliance services you would expect of your local accountant.

We are excited to bring the Haines Watts brand to Stirling and the team are very much looking forward to working with like-minded business owners in the area.

Q3 – What are the benefits of choosing Haines Watts services?

As well as keeping you fully compliant on all financial rules and regulations, we always look to add value to your business from the various advisory services we offer.

We offer a full suite of compliance services from outsourcing of your Payroll and Book-keeping through to the preparation of your Annual Accounts, Audit, Tax Returns and VAT Returns.

Beyond these core compliance services, we’re always on hand to deliver tax advisory services such as Tax Planning, Tax Investigations, R&D reliefs and VAT advice through to business advisory on matters such as Acquisitions and Disposals, Funding and Expansion.

Our clients’ problems become our problems; they are never just a number to us – we really care about the success of the businesses we work with.

Q4 – What does a company like Haines Watts need to be successful? 

At the heart of Haines Watts are our people. We all share similar values embedded within Haines Watts’ DNA – Be Authentic, Value Relationships and Show Passion. We are always seeking to support our people in their professional development, ensuring our clients benefit from working with the sharpest minds.

We are constantly on the lookout for great talent as we know our success and growth will be fueled by the team and our clients.

Reputation matters! Most of our work comes from client referrals – we are proud of this fact as it tells its own story. Our clients enjoy working with us and are happy to recommend us to others.

So really our success is driven by having a great team and by our clients valuing and sharing the Haines Watts’ story.

Q5 – What is the outlook for the future?

With the worst of the pandemic hopefully behind us and having recently returned to our new office in Stirling, we are very much looking forward to getting back in front of clients, both existing and hopefully new, helping them to get their business back on track after the turmoil of the past 20 months.

Our manager, Graeme Jack, believes the key challenges for Haines Watts and our clients going forward are:

1) Managing our health and wellbeing, taking care of those we love and staying resilient, so we can drive the success of our businesses;

2) Managing growth and opportunity – there are plenty of opportunities on the horizon, but these will need to be carefully managed in the context of funding, cashflow, economic backdrop and risk;

3) Effective Planning against a backdrop of uncertainty, which is where Haines Watts is determined to work closely with our clients to ensure we minimize risk and maximise opportunity. We look forward to taking a proactive approach with our Stirling clients, getting to know them and their businesses and challenges and helping them to achieve or redefine their goals.

For information about Haines Watts services contact stirling@hwca.com or call 01786 649474.


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