Babes in the wood



Jennifer McArthur

24th May 2019

Babes in the Wood is a not for profit social enterprise which exists to reduce the effects of poverty on children from birth to 15 years and to reduce the environmental impact of landfill waste. 

The team are committed to partnerships with local agencies, by offering free goods to the families that need it most. 

Babes in the Wood was founded in 2014 by Heather Royan and Linda Barrack when they opened their Bishopbriggs store. The Bishopbriggs store was such a success the team decided to expand to another area.  

Coincidentally at the same time Good Green Fun, a service very similar to Babes in the Wood, located within STEP’s Stirling Enterprise Park, lost their funding and was due to close.  

Babes in the Wood stepped in and took over their unit to keep this much-needed service in the community. After a bit of work in the unit to transform it into Babes in the Wood Stirling, the team opened their doors on 13th March 2018.

For us in our first year, the main advantage of being based at STEP is the easy access to business support. We’ve received some funding for our website, for HR Support and also for training for myself and my business partner.
~ Linda Barrack, Director, Babes in the Wood

Babes in the Wood became a STEP tenant in March 2018. Over their first year, they have saved more than 23 tons of toys, clothes and equipment from going to landfill. 

The company is successfully growing and now between paid staff & volunteers, are a team of 10.

The team also introduced a community space which offers a great selection of classes for parent and children from birth upwards. 

For more information about Babes in the Wood Stirling visit or give them a call on 01786 849 216. 

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