Clinical director and advanced aesthetic practitioner, Julia Ogilvie, at Beauty Health Aesthetics gives us her predictions of the trends that will shape the aesthetics market this year.

2020 was a tough year for our skin.
As much as we would all like to say we’ve been working from home, eating right, exercising more and prioritising self-care, the truth is many of us have been trapped behind a screen for longer than we’d like to admit, eating junk food and trapped in a routine of work, eat, sleep, repeat!

Whilst we have been coping in the only way we know how, these changes have had a massive impact on our bodies and skin. Whether you have been affected by the stress of working from home, blurring the lines between work and play, or you’re an essential worker stressed at a busy workplace, this stress leads to clogged, oily or other skin problems.

This, added to a backlog of those who would regularly have facials and Dermal Filler tweakments means there will be a surge in demand for skin rejuvenation tweakments in 2021/20 when restrictions allow.

Aesthetic tweakments are the new retail therapy

For most of us, 2020 was a year without any large spending. Holiday plans never happened, big plans got cancelled and savings are lying in the bank. With international holidays feeling like a long way off aesthetic tweakments are the perfect retail therapy with long term effects.

There’s more time for downtime

For many, working from home means no longer are weekends and evenings going to be the only time people have for appointments. A flexible approach means many will have a lunchtime procedure and turn their video off for any afternoon virtual meetings.
Everything at once

Even in a pre COVID world, customers were becoming more inpatient not wanting to take multiple trips instead wanting multiple producers at the one appointment. Now given we are all much more aware of how many people and environments we come into contact with, customers are even more intent of having multiple producers at the one appointment.

Facemask Recovery – All about eyes, chin and lip therapy

With the whole world now living behind a facemask, by the end of what can be long days, when we finally remove our masks, we are seeing breakouts, rashes, and skin irritation in and around the chin and lip area. Regular skin peels and lip tweakments can combat any mask related troubles you are having. Eye tweakments have also increased in popularity due to being your only feature not hidden under a mask. Having Eyelash tints, permanent eye liner and more is making your mask face stand out. 

The Zoom Face

Dubbed “Zoom Face Envy” because of the rise in virtual face to face meetings, much to many of our horror, we now spend hours looking at our own face. This has led to many of us judging ourselves and others. Whilst poor lighting, laptop cameras and a lack of sunlight rarely lead to a flattering image, many of us feel a small tweak would be beneficial. For this reason we have seen a surge in demand for non-surgical facelifts and tweaks to put peoples best face forward when on screen.

The professionals at Beauty Health Aesthetics will discuss all your options, outline benefits and advise you of the best tweakment for you, regardless of the trend.

Denise McEwan: “I  had 2 horrible moles on my face that have really got me down over the years and made me really self conscious as they grew in size. Julia made me feel so at ease and cannot thank her enough for the results I’ve received so far. Already my moles are gone with the thermavein!

Gail Fallens: “I had dermaplaning done with Karen, my skin felt so smooth and refreshed afterwards, loved the glow it gave me. Karen explained everything what she was doing and made me feel relaxed, I will definitely be returning for more treatments”.



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