Youth Support

Supporting the future workforce and entrepreneurs.

We are extremely passionate about making a difference & helping the next generation shape their future.

We have a number of ways to support young people in experiencing the world of work: Career Ready placements, summer jobs and work experience.

Work Experience

Work experience can be arranged through Workit.

This form of work experience is unpaid in line with the Workit model and takes place during school/term time. 

Find out more about work experience through Workit on their website here.

Summer Jobs

Who can apply for a summer job?

Any student S3-S6 (aged 13+) is welcome to apply for a summer job with us.

What do I get paid for a summer job?

You will be paid for your time at STEP. Your rate of pay will depend on your age and the hours you work. This will be confirmed prior to starting the job.

What is involved in a summer job?

A work experience placement will take place over one or two consecutive weeks on working days (Monday to Friday). 

No of days and hours of work will depend on your age:

  • Ages 13-14 will work a maximum of 5 hours per day for a maximum of 5 days per week. 
  • Ages 15+ will work a maximum of 8 hours per day for a maximum of 4 days per week.

Each day there will be a 1-hour lunch.

We aim to help you experience the world of work. As such you will spend time across our various areas:

You will go through our induction process including IT equipment set-up, understanding our employee handbook and learning about health and safety in the workplace.

You will learn about the different types of businesses in the local area, how to start a business and the service Business Gateway Stirling offer. You may attend a Business Gateway workshop and client meetings, and support the department with general admin duties.

You will gain an overview of what is involved in the finance department and support the team with some duties.

General tasks supporting our front-of-house team may include, filling, photocopying, scanning, shredding, helping with post, meeting room set up, venue hire duties and other general administrative tasks.

With the HR Team, you may take part in job shadowing to understand HR processes ad support the department with administrative tasks such as resetting workshops into new formats, creating and updating excel spreadsheets and reformatting word documents, PowerPoint presentations and filing.

You will learn basic IT skills including IT awareness and cyber safety. There may also be the opportunity to tour our technology centre and demonstrate specialist equipment such as 3D printers, laser cutters etc…

In the Marketing department, you will support any marketing project work being carried out. This can be extremely varied. You may take part in job shadowing to learn about general marketing duties from social media, MailChimp, and CRM management to website management and more marketing admin duties. 

You will learn about our various buildings, tenants and what the Property team do. You may join the team on their weekly duties. With  Maintenance, you will take part in some hands-on duties such as sweeping, weeding, litter picking, painting, general repairs and more.

We’re currently oversubscribed for applications for summer jobs. Please check back later.

Career Ready

Working with Career Ready we often offer mentorships to help a young person unlock their potential, discover the right career path and support them with tools to get there. 

This involves one of our expert team having a series of monthly meetings with a young person. Each meeting lasts an hour and the mentor and mentee speak about different career options and pathways, as well as the skills needed for the world of work.

Find out more about Career Ready via their website here. 


More information coming soon…

Our Youth Support Team

All of our youth placements are coordinated by our Youth Support Team. 

A member of this team will be the point of contact throughout their time with us. They will act as a line manager and ensure the young person gets the most out of their experience. 

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