Employer Survey 2017: Creating the right support and employability services for Stirling businesses.

The employment landscape as a whole is changing. As the economy grows, employers are keen to develop their staff’s skills and employ new people. Support services need to adapt to suit employers, potential employees and current staff, so that everyone can be better supported.

In partnership with Stirling’s Employer Engagement Group, we rolled out a survey which will help to shape the support we provide in the following areas: skills, recruitment, health, workplace learning, specialist advice, and funding. 130 businesses owners and operators completed the survey throughout the Forth Valley.

Join STEP and the EEG at the 2018  Employers Forum. This event will be centred around tackling workforce challenges together and provide a space for employers to communicate what they need to support them and their people.

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Support Services

There are many existing support organisations offering varying services to support businesses, employees and people entering work.

35% of business found the organisation’s service level to be excellent with only 9% finding the service is poor. The majority of businesses – 40%, rated the service levels of these organisations as good so there is room for improvement across these services.

Reasons for businesses engaging with these organisations:

  • 18% Workforce Training / Staff Development
  • 17% Funding
  • 15% Growth Assistance
  • 12% Social Enterprise
  • 12% Workplace Learning
  • 12% Recruitment Support
  • 11% HR
  • 9% Safety, Health & Wellbeing
  • 3% Staff Retention

When asked “Would you be confident in employing someone with a disability, learning problems or long-term health condition?”

18% of businesses are not confident at all in hiring someone with a disability, compared to 21% who were very confident, with the majority being almost confident or confident.

When it comes to employing someone with a learning disability the majority, 41%, of businesses are not confident at all and only 8% of businesses would be confident in employing someone with a learning disability.

Similar to employing someone with a learning disability 35% of businesses are not confident at all in hiring someone with a long-term health condition, with only 9% of businesses feeling confident.

Support Required – What kind of support do people need?”

Recruitment Challenges

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