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COVID-19 | Good News Story – Bannockburn: A Community That ‘Grows’ Together

After the biggest community buyout in the UK was completed and Bannockburn House became publicly owned in 2017, a group of local volunteers have worked hard to make the project a success. Unfortunately, no one could have foreseen that in just two years, a pandemic like COVID-19 would put a halt to their ambitious plans.

COVID-19 | Good News Story – Stirling Distillery get ‘hands’ on!

Family-run Stirling Distillery, like everyone else, has seen their business be affected by the COVID-19 outbreak. But used to looking at the glass half full (of Gin obviously) the team saw an opportunity to diversify their business by making a much needed, in-demand product, hand sanitiser.

COVID-19 | Still Open for Business

The COVID-19 outbreak has affected every business in Stirling. All of our tenants still have 24/7 access to their space and many are finding new

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