Many business owners aren’t willing to admit when they are struggling and even if they do, they don’t think using a business coach can help. 

Business coaches can help survive downturns, enable growth potential and maximise productivity and in turn, the profitability of businesses large and small. 

Learn to take a break

A recurring theme in small businesses is to spend so much time ‘working in’ the business and not enough time ‘working on’ the business. The right business coach can help you implement techniques and processes to force you to take a break from the day to day and think about the bigger picture. 

Stay accountable  

Having a vision is easy, but building a successful business can be the hardest thing you will ever do. When things start getting difficult, some business owners may be tempted to just give up and allow distractions making it harder to achieve goals and set deadlines. Human nature allows us to more easily break promises with our self than others.  A business coach can help you stay accountable. They can be the person who knows what you are really capable of and push you to get there, even when you feel like its just too difficult. 

Make use of a sounding board

A business coach is there to improve your leadership techniques, and to coach you through various business challenges to give you the best chance of succeeding. 

One of the great advantages of having a business coach is allowing you to sound out all of your ideas without judgement and getting constructive feedback, someone outside of the business funnel. You might have great ideas, but unfiltered these can cause problems. A business coach can help you grow these ideas into concrete feasible plans.

Start making marginal gains 

Business success isn’t always about making huge decisions. We often overestimate the importance of the small stuff. We put pressure on ourselves to make a significant improvement when often achieving small things can be more meaningful. Collectively these small things can have a massive impact.   

Let’s say your skill level is

Customer Service 40%
Finance 60%
HR 20%
Sales 30%
Marketing 50%

1% better each day in each area over a month

Customer Service 70%
Finance 90%
HR 50%
Sales 60%
Marketing 80%

30% better at one subject over a month but everything else remains the same.

Customer Service 40%
Finance 90%
HR 20%
Sales 30%
Marketing 50%

Likewise, if you get 1 per cent worse each day for one month while you’re focusing on one topic, you’ll decline nearly to almost zero.

30% better at one subject but 1% less on others over a month

Customer Service 10%
Finance 90%
Sales 0%
Marketing 20%
HR 0%

What starts as a small win or a minor setback accumulates into something much more. A business coach will be able to help you plan for these marginal gains and help you find the time to achieve them.

Achieve your true potential

‘Plan to fail or fail to plan’ – Many business owners fail. Not because they lacked skill, vision or funding, but because they over or underestimate their goals. Being ambitious is good but if your expectations of what you can achieve aren’t realistic, you and your team can end up being frustrated. Equally not setting challenging goals can stifle your companies growth. A good business coach can spend time analysing the capabilities within your organisation and put together a practical plan. 

We are now offering two coaching services: 

Executive Business Coaching for Directors and Senior Business Leaders

Our range of group and one-to-one business coaching solutions focus on all aspects of personal growth, business strategy, leadership and are bespoke to your needs.

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Level 5 & 7 Coaching Courses

Our courses are designed to help team leaders, first-line managers, managers with coaching and mentoring responsibilities, senior leaders and HR/OD professionals by giving them an accredited qualification. 

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