05 Apr 2018

Why we need to talk about ‘Women in Leadership’

March 8th 2018 saw one of the most viral years for International Women’s day.

Books are being written, bloggers are encouraging discussion, reports are being created and Women leader figures are on the rise. But how will we continue to #PressforProgress?

Some of the latest data from Engender about women leaders indicated that in Scotland out of the 100 FTSE companies, women hold 25% of director roles but 0% of CEO positions.

Why we ask ourselves, are women not effective leaders? Are there historical factors affecting women from achieving promotions? Are men in higher positions only hiring ‘their own’? We have our own opinion but what’s yours?

The important conversation to have, and to continue to have, is one of opportunity and to celebrate those women in leadership positions. STEP, Business Gateway Stirling and She’s in Biz Stirling are delighted to encourage everyone to #PressforProgress, and as part of our, Stirling Business Week invite you to a Women in Leadership event.