Ahead of Digital December, video and marketing expert Paul Saunders asks you to think about the effectiveness of your website...

Take a critical eye to your website. Does it undersell what you do? Is your customer experience better in reality than what is represented online?

If the answer is yes, then you may not be converting as many of your site’s visitors to clients as you deserve to be. But you can’t blame them for thinking that what you are offering is not an amazing and accurate representation as to why what you offer is so good.

A common fault is the photography – or in many cases the lack of it. Your business is unique and the photography that represents it should be too. That’s why you can always tell a stock photograph that’s been purchased to fill a gap.

Good photography can tell your story, promote what you do and strengthen the relationship between you and your clients. The key is in the preparation and that involves thinking about how the photographs should look and the best way to portray the personality of the business.

Why not start by listing out the reasons why your customers choose you, and as importantly why they stay with you. Note down all of the positive feedback that you receive. Demonstrate these benefits and your unique propositions in photography and you will start to draw in similar minded people.

Behind the scenes photographs are interesting and can also demonstrate the level of passion that goes into preparing a product.

Often it’s the people in a business, their personality, knowledge, professionalism and helpfulness that make the difference. Most people don’t like having their photograph taken, so it’s a good idea to photograph them ‘in action’. It will help them to feel more relaxed and it will demonstrate what they do.

As well as you and your team you could also feature your customers in the photography. This works well with clients that you know well and who accurately represent your target audience. Showcasing people enjoying your product or service is a highly effective method.

The old saying that a website is your shop window is so true. Many shops employ window dressers to make the displays eye-catching and effective. Therefore it’s a good idea to plan your photography carefully, whether you’ll be doing it yourself, or if you decide to hire a photographer.

If you’d like to hear more from Paul, then why not come along to the Content Day on Wednesday, 6 December? Paul will deliver a workshop about how businesses can create affordable videos to promote their offering. More info here. The Content Day is being supported by FSB.


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