Stirling Council provides match funding for businesses, communities and individuals for Crowdfunded projects which promote economic growth.

How much can be funded?

For eligible projects, Crowdfund Stirling can match fund a maximum of 50% of your target up to a maximum pledge from the Council of £2,500.

What is the Crowdfund Stirling Grant Scheme?

Crowdfund Stirling is a grant to help businesses and communities across Stirling to deliver the Economic Development priorities of the Council including:

  • Increasing visitor numbers and spend
  • Supporting new events that attract visitors from out with the area
  • Activities that stimulate the growth of businesses
  • Activities that attract investment
  • Activities that increase export levels

As part of the Crowdfunder application process, you will be asked to explain how your project helps your community develop in line with these priorities. For more information on how to apply please get in touch below or visit:


Leave your details below and one of our team will be in touch as soon as possible. 

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