Jun 03 2021


10:00 am - 11:00 pm
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Forth Valley Employers Club

The Forth Valley Employers Club is for anyone in Falkirk, Stirling or Clackmannanshire who employs staff.

About this Event

COVID has meant many businesses have been forced into remote working. Whilst businesses had to quickly adapt to working this way there’s more to remote working than handing in your notice to your business landlord and giving everyone laptops.

At this Club meeting Vicky Murphy, HR expert at STEP will give an overview of managing a team remotely and we will discuss how you feel about remote working and how you could be supported in offering remote working long term.



Managing a Remote Workforce – Vicky Murphy, HR Expert, STEP

Introduction to Topic Discussion

Topic Discussion:

What do you think the Pros of remote working are?

What do you think the Cons of remote working are?

What could be done to support your business in offering remote working?


About the Club

The Forth Valley Employer’s Club was founded by STEP and run in partnership with Ceteris and Falkirk Business.

The Club plays a crucial role in shaping the Forth Valley area’s employability support, funded skills training and other employment support available.

There are over 4000 employers in Stirling, Falkirk and Clackmannanshire. That’s thousands of business owners with similar employee problems, HR issues and more. Our employers’ club is your opportunity to join other employers to share best practice on topics such as recruitment, skills development and more.

At each meeting, we will focus on a particular topic. We want to hear from you about your needs as an employer so we will discuss and listen to your needs to help shape future available support.

The remit of the Employer’s Club:

Sharing best practice about matters such as employee benefits, flexible working, employee engagement, staff retention, employment policies, remuneration trends, maternity/paternity leave and pay.

Encourage best in class recruitment and employer brand e.g. How to be an attractive employer.

Identifying key issues arising from talent and skills gaps for action/lobbying.

Combining resources for employee development and training.

Promote growth ad advise on scaling up from a people perspective and managing change.

Sharing information on the latest funded support.


The agenda at each meeting will be:

Introductions (10 mins)

Topic Presentation from an expert speaker (20 mins)

Introduction to Topic Discussion (5 mins)

Topic Discussion (20 mins)

Conclude (5 mins)

Privacy Policy

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